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The "Freedom Award"
The "Freedom Award"
The "Freedom Award"
patinaed bronze,
18" High,
Not For Sale
New Work

The "Freedom Award"

The "Freedom Award" was sculpted for "Free the Slaves" organization (

This organization is leading the fight to eradicate contemporary slavery around the world. At this time there are 27 million slaves bought, sold, and owned, world-wide. "Free the Slaves" works to bring awareness of this obscenity, and to free these people through negotiation, exposure, and political action.

In 2008, the first annual awards event, "The Freedom Awards," took place in Los Angeles, California. Five people are chosen yearly who have done the most world-wide to expose and eradicate slavery. In each awards event, these amazing people are each presented with a Freedom Award.

In 2007 and 2008, John Soderberg, working with one of the founders of the organization, Peggy Calahan, created this bronze award. In the 2009 event, Demi Moore and Husband Ashton, author Isabel Allende, Sir Ken Robinson, and others, presented the awards to the recipients.