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Anasazi Fountain
Anasazi Fountain
Monumental Fountain
9 ft H X 15ft wingspan
Sold Out
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Anasazi Fountain

The Anasazi first appeared in the Four Corners region (the intersection of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado) around the time of Christ. By AD 1300 most had abandoned the area. The real reason for their disappearance remains a mystery.

Soderberg lives only three miles from an important ruin and finds the park stimulating for deep contemplation. It was on one of these strolls among the ruins that he felt inspired to create the sculpture, Anasazi. This sculpture illuminates the transient nature of mankind's civilization and the immutable durability of natural law. When one walks among the ancient ruins of the Anasazi, one can sometimes feel the spirits of those vanished people imbued in the stone. In the sculpture, Soderberg recreates that feeling with numerous sculpted faces illustrating the spectrum of human emotion disguised in the rocks of the stone spire. At the base of the spire lies an abandoned Anasazi cliff dwelling. The flowing waterfall symbolizes life.

The eagle watched the Anasazi arrive, build their homes, go about their daily lives, and he watched them leave - and he still soars over their memory.

John M. Soderberg • Soderberg Bronze • 3058 West SR89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 • USA