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18" H X 24" W, Edition of 36
Sold Out
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The word sounding refers to a whale sounding or going down. Since seeing the Little Mermaid bronze in Copenhagen harbor at age seven, I've been fascinated by the shape-changer mythologies.

Instead of the usual lower fish body, I chose to sculpt this mermaid with a warm-blooded humpbacked whale tail, articulated so that the woman's thighs, knees and lower legs are still vaguely visible.

The cut-offs drifting away in the water symbolize a past life that has been discarded. Her glance and gesture backwards as she swims deeper, convey a bit of nostalgia.

Like a chrysallis or cocoon, the mermaid is the symbol of change, growth and rejuvenation.

John M. Soderberg • Soderberg Bronze • 3058 West SR89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 • USA