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Merlin's Chair
Patinaed bronze


Merlin's Chair

Since my high school years in Thailand I have been very interested in the concept of meditation. I sculpted Merlin as a meditative piece, and Merlin's Chair as a meditative space. The contour of the chair was created to be comfortable and meditation enhancing. The sculpted form is that of a living tree, and the roots at the base of the chair serve to help the sitter create mental imagery of receiving earth's energy through those roots. Many faces showing the range of human emotion are hidden within the bark. The high copper content in bronze makes bronze a good conductor of energy, and this physical property may serve to energize and balance the sitter.

A good friend placed a Merlin Monument and Merlin's Chair on the lip of a cliff in front of her Arizona home. Each morning after the sun warms the chair her morning ritual is to sit with a cup of tea and look out at the mountains while she contemplates her day. She says that the energy of the chair and having Merlin behind her makes her feel truly enfolded. Another friend placed the chair in his Japanese garden near a waterfall and says he has reached his deepest levels of meditation while sitting in the chair. As it turned out, Merlin's Chair became the powerful instrument I envisioned and hoped for, and I am greatly honored that others feel this way.

John M. Soderberg • Soderberg Bronze • 3058 West SR89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 • USA