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Dreamrider II
Dreamrider II
Patinaed bronze,
21" H, Edition of 36
Sold Out


Dreamrider II

Man begins with stories and dreams and visions, and these visions become the object of pursuit. In the end we must bring it home or merge with it. Dreamrider is a man in the midst of a vision. His hair blows, not in one direction, but in a complete circle around him mimicking the chaotic darkness which is the backdrop to his vision of light. He is centered in the eye of the hurricane.

As in other pieces I have done, this is a study of contrasts. One is of that simple human civilization.

Dreamrider's face represents the emotion and the breastplate is a complex product of civilization, therefore opposite. Each aspect completes the other and illustrates a harmony.

Where would we be and what would we ever accomplish, whether artist or businessperson, housewife or bricklayer, without our dreams and visions? An old favorite quote of mine is from Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones: "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind."

John M. Soderberg • Soderberg Bronze • 3058 West SR89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 • USA