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Patinaed bronze,
6' on base, Edition of 36
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Awakening is a symbolic sculptural expression of the concepts of transition to a higher place or level, and the awareness, acceptance and attainment of potential.

The cracked egg-shaped base symbolizes a beginning, a raw potential. The emerging sphere may be an embryo or the world itself. The sphere is cracked and fissured, and seven human figures, alternating male and female, express seven levels of being from abject depression and fatigue through minimal awareness to deep awareness, exhilaration and embracing acceptance. The ascending figure rises from, or as a result of, humanity's struggle to evolve, to achieve or attain, to fill the void or rise above it. Trailing wings are relaxed or half folded indicating they are not necessary to transcendent flight. The wings grow out of the loosely hanging cloak, which is falling away to reveal the beauty and simplicity inside. Her facial expression implies serenity and an acceptance of the inner directed journey.

John M. Soderberg • Soderberg Bronze • 3058 West SR89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 • USA